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We partner with an elite group of agencies across the advertising and marketing ecosystem worldwide. Each agency partner offers turnkey Augmented Reality services around Aryel platform.

Bad Pug logo brown and white aryel augmented reality

Bad Pug

Bad Pug is a Creative Studio specializing in Apps and AR that focuses on creating digital experiences and tailor-made AR solutions.

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Blhack white and black aryel augmented reality


Blhack is a software boutique versed in coding ideas into web or mobile applications, with particular attention to UX and graphics.

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D. O. S.

D.O.S. Design Open Spaces generates solutions at different design scales, from product to process, using the AugH - Augmented Habitat philosophy.

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Grafò logo redaryel augmented reality


Grafò works in areas of communication design, developing strategies and tools for the communication of companies, organizations, and non-profit.

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H-Farm Digital Marketing black and white tractor aryel augmented reality

H-Farm Digital Marketing

H-Farm Digital Marketing interprets the new communication models, combining Data and Creativity to generate concrete results with their clients.

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Infinite officine logo green and black aryel augmented reality

Infinite Officine

Infinite Officine proposes solutions different solutions for communication focusing on the relationship between innovation and functionality.

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Innovation Lab logo green and grey aryel augmented reality

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab is specialized in finding and creating approaches and methods that facilitate the path of innovation of a company and its people.

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This is the logo of OTO Digital agency

OTO Agency

We intend to offer our customers immersive Augmented Reality experiences that are engaging, interactive, memorable, and integrated with brand communication and marketing strategies.

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Logo p3riodico studio black aryel augmented reality

Periodico Studio

Periodico Studio is a Creative Hub oriented toward design, communication, and the creation of immersive experiences out of the ordinary.

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Pomilio Blumm grey logo aryel augmented reality

Pomilio Blumm

Pomilio Blumm offers a selection of advisors and a multidisciplinary research program aimed at designing innovative products and solutions.

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ROADS red and black aryel augmented reality


ROADS® provides strategy, multichannel advertising, and marketing automation all based on an ethical and data-driven approach.

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Logo Rosso Digitale marketing communication aryel augmented reality


Rosso Digitale helps companies develop their business with web & social media marketing, SEO, video production, advertising, and media exposure.

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Sowhat logo red black aryel augmented reality


Sowhat brings together all the digital skills to support brands creating social and experiences, and fruition that go beyond simple advertising.

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SpotOn logo black and red aryel augmented reality


SpotOn supports clients who want to differentiate themselves, offering qualified service and combining the world of lifestyle with sophisticated technologies.

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