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We partner with an elite group of agencies across the advertising and marketing ecosystem worldwide. Each agency partner offers turnkey Augmented Reality services around Aryel platform.

Logo adKaora green and black aryel augmented reality


AdKaora is a digital company that offers tools and multi-channel solutions to brands and publishers to reach, engage and influence their target audience.

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ALOT helps brands and businesses generate a new approach, unifying the business strategy, customer experience, and data science.

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D. O. S

D.O.S. Design Open Spaces generates solutions at different design scales, from product to process, using the AugH - Augmented Habitat philosophy.

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Logo Digital Paths red and white aryel augmented reality

Digital Paths

Digital Paths is a full-service digital agency that finds the right mix of Design, Communication, and Technology, defining customers' digital paths.

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Dillo logo black aryel augmented reality


DilloStudio is a design studio, focused on branding and communication, that develops tailored marketing projects, websites and content creation.

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Logo DUDE black and white aryel augmented reality


DUDE thinks and works across all media and disciplines to find ideas that are worth people’s attention, to create something new for brands' needs.

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Logo Fiction Tribe two color aryel augmented reality

Fiction Tribe

Fiction tribe is a creative studio that delivers big-time results for clients, thanks to design rigor, industry acumen, and a metric–ton of hustle

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Lil Horse Logo

Lil Horse Inc.

Lil Horse Inc. is a creative lab that helps businesses get noticed by providing design, branding, and marketing, with a focus on purpose-driven companies.

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Black Logo of Logotel making together aryel augmented reality


CD6F9B54-DB9F-4CA7-B1C6-CFA908A811BB Top

Logotel is an independent Design Company that collaboratively designs and accompanies business transformation.

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Minds+Assembly logo black aryel augmented reality


minds+assembly is a full-service creative agency. From collecting insights to commercial invention, they transform business challenges into bold solutions.

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Logo Not4Real blue aryel augmented reality


Not4real is a digital project focused on marketing and offers solutions for small and large companies, providing innovative projects to grow ROI and Brand Awareness.

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pink opposible thumbs aryel augmented reality

Opposable Thumbs

Opposable Thumbs is a digital agency with a focus on the publishing sector, helping newspapers and magazines engage readership.

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Logo p3riodico studio black aryel augmented reality

Periodico Studio

Periodico Studio is a Creative Hub oriented toward design, communication, and the creation of immersive experiences out of the ordinary.

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Retailgate enables game-changers and digital transformation champions to drive impact through innovation for their customers.

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Revenue Masters logo yellow and dark aryel augmented reality

Revenue Masters

Revenue Masters Agency is a marketing agency, specializing in advertising, customer automation, branding, website & app development.

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Logo Rosso Digitale marketing communication aryel augmented reality


Rosso Digitale helps companies develop their business with web & social media marketing, SEO, video production, advertising, and media exposure.

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Silver Spoon purple and grey aryel augmented reality

Silver Spoon Agency

Silver Spoon Agency is an agency that uses cutting-edge technology to guarantee results, relying on integrity, innovation, and dedication to results.

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LogoSMPI Group blue aryel augmented reality

SMPI Group

SMPI Group is specialized in marketing, sales support, and PR. It is a reference point and a business accelerator in the IT, IoT, Automotive, and Telco markets.

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Logo W3AR black aryel augmented reality


W3AR works with DAOs, NFT creators, and other communities to design, produce, and distribute physical and digital apparel-as-a-service.

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