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Always-On AR: a new Marketing approach to Augmented Reality powered by Aryel

February 17, 2022

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The traditional way marketers and companies approached Augmented Reality in the past few years was to develop a custom project and just integrate it in one step of the funnel; it could have been a Product Visualization experience or maybe a Face Filter, but that was all.

However, being AR a relatively young technology, at least in the SMEs market, this approach is changing drastically, thanks to new tools that allow more versatile strategies.

Aryel is one of them; our powerful AR Marketing platform sees AR as a technology to use during the whole customer journey, not just in one step of the funnel: that’s why we’re talking of Always-on AR (AOAR, in short). As a result, AR is becoming more and more a tool of continuity in digital marketing, in the same way as social media marketing or email marketing. 

Thanks to the WebAR approach that only needs a link to share great content off- and online, Aryel allows agencies and marketers to spread content throughout the funnel, thanks to the incredible versatility of WebAR. For example, the link to a WebAR campaign can be shared offline on packaging with a QR code, embedded in an existing website or eCommerce, added to a newsletter, and shared on social media.

Namely, a WebAR campaign made with Aryel can be shared:

  • Online – via a simple link
    • on instant messaging platforms, as Whatsapp or Telegram.
    • on social media posts, and stories
    • DEM
    • integrated on eCommerce CTA buttons
    • on Google display advertising
    • on video, with a QR code
  • Offline
    • with a QR code on packaging or printed media

Aryel’s WebAR can accompany the target audience from off- to online, from lead generation to sales – and even after the purchase, when marketers and agencies can get insights and analytics Aryel provides about the campaigns. 

With AR Always-On we want to share a new way to do marketing, approaching not only an omni-channel strategy that features different devices during the journey (from printed media and packaging, to social media, websites, eCommerce and so on), but also a full-funnel approach, merging the two concepts to offer customers a unique and highly engaging journey from A to Z.

Integrate WebAR in your Marketing funnel

How can WebAR support every step of a marketing funnel? Of course, with this technology, the sky is the limit, and companies and businesses can unleash their creativity to create the most diverse experiences, customizing them with their brand assets. But let’s see some examples.

  • Awareness: this is the first step, and marketers usually reach a vast audience with advertising and social media sponsored posts; the competition bar is set very high, and it might be hard to stand out. That’s why WebAR can help differentiate a brand with a WOW effect that attracts cold users and gently accompany them to the next step of the funnel.
  • Interest: here comes more targeted content; it usually starts with a newsletter that talks more in-depth about a service or a product. With Aryel, it’s easy to add a Product Visualization in AR directly in an email or embed it in an eCommerce in a snap!
  • Consideration: getting at the end of the nurture phase, WebAR can help engage the audience with gamification experiences, face filters, etc.
  • Intent & Evaluation: it’s time to give users a little boost with virtual try-on and everything that can help feel the brand closer and authentic.
  • Purchase: once the sales transaction is complete, Aryel can make the post-sales more engaging with augmented packaging, or filters to encourage users to share their purchases online.

AIDA Funnel

WebAR (and AR, of course) can accompany the audience from the very beginning of a sales funnel to the final purchase, and that’s what we mean with Always-On AR.

Types of AR Campaigns

Last but not least, Aryel platform allows marketers to create different kind of campaigns, that fit different use cases and steps of the funnel: from geolocation, to face filter and Surface-Tracking, it’s easy to find the  perfect fit for every need.

On our all-in-one platform marketers can choose among these campaigns, depending on their needs:

  • Marker-Based: marker-based campaigns feature a QR-code trigger and are am easy and neat solution to add AR to printed media without complicated redesigns;
  • Geo-Based: geo-based campaigns are the perfect fit for local-marketing and users need to reach a certain place to trigger the content;
  • Face-Tracking: face-tracking is the same technology used for face filters on social media; it can both unlocks gamification and fun experiences as well as accessories virtual-try ons;
  • Image-Tracking: image-tracking needs users to scan an image to see the experience in WebAR. It’s very convenient for catalogs, for example;
  • Surface-Tracking: the perfect fit for product visualization; it perfectly integrates in any existing eCommerce and places the content on a vertical or horizontal surface;
  • Hand-Tracking: still in beta, hand-tracking features an algorithm that recognizes hands and wrists and can unlock more engaging virtual try-ons and gamification experiences.

Aryel - Select Campaign Type

For example, we can consider 3 content areas:

  • Offline to Online: to bring users from off- to online, Image-Tracking and Marker-based campaigns are ideal; the audience simply have to scan printed material to see WebAR experiences on their smartphone, closing the gap and providing insights even from offline adv.
  • AR Commerce & VTO: for final steps of the funnel, where audience is already exploring products, Face-Tracking, Hand-Tracking and Surface-Tracking are the best way to provide immersive and realistic product visualization and virtual try-on experiences that convert.
  • Gamification: as mentioned, a great way to boost engagement in the middle of the funnel is with gamification experiences that can be shared on social media and online, using Hand & Face-Tracking or Geo-based campaigns.

Reports and insights

As mentioned above, Aryel platform provides also reports and insights about campaigns and users, to keep track of their performance, understand the impact in the funnel they have and what benefits they bring.

The analytics dashboard with insights, data and reports for tracking campaigns’ performance, helps marketers to know audience better, collect stats even from offline marketing campaigns and boost ROI.


It is even possible to set up campaigns goals, which are linked with interactions and are useful for measuring how often users complete specific actions. In Aryel, marketers can create a maximum of 20 conversion goals or target actions, tracked from the time they are made, where a conversion is the execution of a desired target action by a campaign visitor, such as a CTA-click or a particular interaction with the AR object.

At Aryel, we want to encourage seeing AR, not as an extravagant technology to use once and then forget about it, but as a tool on the same level of social media and newsletter that can make the difference in the long run if used consistently.

And if you’re an agency and you would like to offer WebAR and AR marketing strategies to your customers, take a look at our Partner Program and join +1,000 Aryel agencies achieving their next level of growth!