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AR for Business Cards: take your networking to the next level

August 11, 2020

AR for Business Cards

In many cultures, business cards still play an essential role in meetings: an eye-catching business card with all the relevant contact information can capture the attention of your potential customer, enhancing credibility and a sense of professionalism for your business.

But how to keep calling cards up-to-date and engaging even in 2020? It’s as simple as that: by integrating Augmented Reality technology.

Forget old, boring, plain cards: we’re bringing business cards into the future!

Exchanging business cards could seem a bit out of fashion, we know. But in many cultures, such as the Japanese, they’re crucial to determine the outcome of business proposals.

However, designing them can be tricky for these reasons:

  • they provide little space for all the vital information you need to convey
  • it’s hard to update once printed
  • standing out is a mission impossible

How to easily overcome all these issues? Easy: integrating AR technology into calling card design.

With a marker-based AR experience, your potential business partner or customer can easily discover more about you, simply scanning your card: you can directly link your Linkedin page, or your company website, or even adding a video or a landing page: possibilities are endless.

Let’ see how it works!

Making a great first impression can sometimes be harsh, mostly with business cards: according to these stats88% of the exchanged cards will be tossed within a week.

But what if you could exchange interactive and engaging experiences? Personal branding is a thing, after all!

Augmented Reality platforms, such as Aryel, can easily help you to design the perfect AR experience to enhance your business card, with all the perks of having such technology on your side:

  • it’s cheap: no need to reprint your business cards, simply update the AR content online
  • wow effect guaranteed: sleep tight, your business cards it’s going to be the coolest in town!
  • 100% customizable: stand out and show your uniqueness, making great first impressions has never been that easy
  • get the most out of analytics: check how many times people scanned your business cards

Thanks to Augmented Reality, your visiting card potential is unlimited. Think out of the box, the experience is in your control.

The card itself becomes the marker, and you can convey plenty of information when people scan it with their smartphones.

Here’s a not-so-exhaustive list of what you can integrate into your experience:

  • link to your social media pages, such as Linkedin, Youtube, or FB
  • your company website
  • a landing page with your career’s most important milestones
  • video of your last conference or TED talk
  • a CTA or a direct link to your Skype profile
  • possibility to schedule a chat with you on tools such as Calendly

As you can see, the opportunities to disrupt old boring business card assets are virtually endless.