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AR Marketing Expert: a key role in the future of agencies and brands

April 6, 2022

AR Marketing expert for brands and agencies

With the rise of Metaverse and Immersive Technologies as a part of our everyday life and marketing strategies, AR Marketing experts are becoming more and more relevant in the industry. They are in fact expected to bring considerable value to brands and revolutionize the way companies communicate.

According to this report, the global use of AR Marketing has grown at a CAGR of 30,79% from 2017 to 2021. Research conducted by Vibrant Media has identified that nearly seven out of ten media planners and buyers (around 67%) want more AR in digital marketing campaigns. Of course, the reason behind the demand is to boost consumer engagement.

We already covered why and how CMOs are transforming their marketing mix with AR (find the complete article here). Still, today we want to explore the role of AR Marketing experts in-depth and understand why they play a crucial part for agencies and brands.

AR Marketing Expert: what do they do?

AR Marketing experts are professional figures operating in marketing, integrating Augmented Reality and the AOAR approach (Always-On AR – we talked about it here) into most common communication channels and strategies to boost engagement, conversions, and ROI.

Thanks to this technology, they transform the whole idea of marketing, enriching all the touch-points through the customer experience with interactive and engaging AR experiences, accompanying the target audience from off- to online, from lead generation to sales – and even after the purchase, when marketers and agencies can get insights and analytics about the campaigns.

An AR Marketing expert is expected to have a background in marketing and communication and a solid understanding of new technologies such as AR and even VR; do they need to know how to 3D modeling? Of course, this is not mandatory, and thanks to tools like Aryel, they can skip the coding skills part since our platform allows everyone to create WebAR campaigns in a snap.

Plus the role of an AR Marketing expert can be very versatile: they can both work for companies in internal marketing departments or as freelancers in web agencies and creative studio, who are increasingly looking to integrate AR marketing services into their offer – as we explained here.

Which tools do AR Marketing experts need?

As said, AR Marketing experts can use a wide variety of tools to create engaging AR or WebAR campaigns without needing to know how to code.

Aryel platform, for instance, is a powerful DIY tool to create and share WebAR experiences through a simple link, off- and online. Aryel allows agencies and marketers to spread content throughout the funnel, thanks to the incredible versatility of WebAR.

For example, the link to a WebAR campaign can be shared offline on packaging with a QR code, embedded in an existing website or eCommerce, added to a newsletter, and shared on social media.

Moreover, and this is the cherry on top for marketers, the Aryel platform also provides reports and insights about campaigns and users to track of their performance and understand the impact in the funnel they have and what benefits they bring.


The analytics dashboard with insights, data, and reports for tracking campaigns’ performance, helps marketers know the audience better, collect stats even from offline marketing campaigns and boost ROI.

How to become an AR Marketing expert?

As always happens for new professional figures and roles, there is no univocal way to become an AR Marketing expert. Of course, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of marketing and Augmented Reality and to explore and learn how to master a tool like Aryel – and a good dose of creative thinking.

To help you understand more about this crucial role, which will be more and more requested by companies and brands, we created a series of exciting resources you might find helpful.

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