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Aryel 2.0 released: better, faster, stronger

March 1, 2021

Aryel 2.0 release

Brace yourselves, cosmonauts, and fast your belts: we just released Aryel 2.0, the newest and most powerful version of our AR marketing platform ever!

We’re excited to announce an updated design, improved performance, enhanced User Experience, and incredible new features and possibilities at your fingertips. 🚀

Let’s discover all the releases:

  • Face Tracking (beta) is available, making your AR marketing campaigns even more engaging: try it on your social media, enrich your influencer media kit and create unique gamification experiences or virtual try-on for your business online! Possibilities are endless!
  • Based on the feedback collected from our users in the last months, we completely redesigned our AR campaign builder, which now guarantees a better user experience.
  • Dark mode available
  • Improved HD camera quality
  • You can now take screenshots while experiencing your AR campaigns.
  • Google fonts are now available on text objects.
  • Multiline texts are now available
  • You can now add your branded link to Privacy and Terms of Use, which now support customization.
  • We update our core in Angular 11 (okay, this is really for nerds! We know you’re there, and we love you all!)
  • More animations added
  • Dynamic sizing for smaller screens available
  • Pages bundles and are downloaded only when visiting the sections (es. profile section will be downloaded when you visit the profile page), guaranteeing shorter loading time.
  • Screens won’t go to sleep if the experience has started (for supported browsers)

All these features and fixes will update automatically for the Aryel platform — feel free to get in touch if you’re encountering any issues.