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Aryel launches online school for everyone to learn AR Marketing

June 14, 2022

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“We believe AR Marketing will play a key role in the next future,” said Aryel CEO Mattia Salvi. “From agencies, creative studio, SMEs, brands, marketers and freelancers, having skills in the Immersive Technologies field will be an extra gear in the job market. Mastering Augmented Reality help brands stand out, look innovative and engage on a new level.

To achieve the goal to make AR accessible to everyone, Aryel has announced the launch of its AR marketing School a brand new platform where users can find tutorials, webinars taught by first-class professionals and of course masterclasses and workshops about AR Marketing and everything that gravitates about AR, such as content creation, 3D modeling, NFTs and Metaverse.

The launch has been introduced by the AR Marketing month, a round of 4 free online webinars dedicated to immersive technologies, marketing, and Metaverse, which recordings can be rewathced directly on the AR Marketing School platform.

AR is becoming an essential part of today’s communication and marketing,” said Salvi. “It isn’t just about getting the WOW effect. AR is an approach to marketing that can permeate the whole funnel, and we’re here to help users learn this new way to communicate and develop strategies.”

Aryel’s inaugural workshop, Become an AR Marketing Expert, is an highly interactive workshop, where to learn how to confidently jump into the AR marketing movement and apply all the strategies and tips to different businesses to boost engagement, sales, and ROI.

The key components of Aryel’s AR Marketing School are:

  • Courses: in-depth platform’s training, getting started and tutorials to learn how to create and share WebAR campaigns on Aryel. 
  • Events & Webinars: recordings of Aryel’s webinars, with 1st-class professionals and guests who talked about immersive technologies, marketing, and Metaverse. 
  • Masterclasses & Workshops: exclusive online masterclass and highly interactive workshops to get in-depth knowledge about AR Marketing, content creation and more, with the support of Aryel’s Customer Education Specialists and strategical canvas developed in-house.

Access the AR Marketing School powered by Aryel at