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Canva 💜 Aryel: first design it, then augment it with WebAR!

August 9, 2022

Okay, let’s start from the basics: why Aryel? It’s easy said: Aryel is a one-of-a-kind AR marketing platform that features a drag-and-drop interface to quickly set up engaging AR campaigns in only a few easy steps.

Among the different campaigns you can create on Aryel, there is the Image-Tracking one; when users scan the trigger image, they can live immersive experiences and see different contents, such as 3D models, videos, and much more.

An amazing tool to create your trigger images is Canva; before creating your trigger image for Aryel’s image tracking campaigns, it’s a good idea to check some best practices, such as creating a target image the camera can quickly identify. In our Help Center, you can find some helpful guidelines.

Generally speaking, a good trigger image has high contrast, sharp details, asymmetrical patterns, and composition and is flat rather than 3D.

1. Create your project

First, you need to choose the kind of project you want to create; it might be a poster, an infographic, or even a business card (we have plenty of cool templates to enrich business cards, and we explained the benefits of AR business cards here!)

Canva is the easiest way to create amazing graphics and media that can be easily enriched and brought to life with Augmented Reality! For example, you can create a poster for your movie night party and add a trailer in AR so that when scanned, people can see the video! Or you can enrich a birthday card with fun content like these here.

Of course, there are also other possible uses and content in addition to the one we will show in this guide. For example, Canva is the perfect tool to create:

  • cool frames for your WebAR experiences
  • triggers and markers for Marker & Image-Tracking campaigns
  • 2D content (i.e. infographics) to include in your WebAR campaigns
  • branded assets for your custom splash screen
  • texture for replacing default ones on ready-to-use 3D models

There’s no limit to what you can create with Aryel and Canva; for this article, we will make a WebAR birthday card with Canva!

2. Create your project on Canva: aka the trigger image

Choose the perfect template for your birthday card project; we will choose the Birthday Card (Landscape) and customize it with our assets, colors, and image.

Aryel & Canva_2

It’s so easy, and it takes a couple of minutes to make an excellent card for your friends and family. Once you have downloaded it, get ready to create your WebAR experience on Aryel!

Aryel & Canva_2

3. Create your WebAR experience on Aryel

Now, let’s move on to Aryel’s platform; here, create a new campaign and choose Image-Tracking. Then, name your 1st scene and get ready to create your WebAR campaign!

Aryel & Canva_3

First, upload the trigger image you created on Canva; we upload our birthday card.

Aryel & Canva_4

Then we need to add the AR content we want to show when users scan the card: here, we added a nice text and a 3D birthday cake, but you can choose among sounds, 3D assets, images, or videos.

Aryel & Canva_6

Once you have added all your content, you can publish and share your campaign. If you want to see a detailed guide on how to create your Image-Tracking campaigns, you can find our tutorial here.

Don’t forget to add the QR code with the campaign link on the back of the card so that your friends can access the campaign and proceed to scan the card and see the fantastic WebAR experience you created for them!

Creating your trigger images on Canva for Aryel’s experiences is easy and fun – try making yours, and don’t forget to share your extraordinary campaigns with us! You can try our experience here below: scan the QR code to access the campaign, and then scan the birthdaycard to see the experience!

Aryel & Canva_7