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CMOs are transforming their marketing mix with AR and here’s why

September 17, 2020

Aryel for CMOs

With the 63% of online shoppers claiming that AR can actually improve their shopping experience (source: eCom Dash), it isn’t surprising that more and more CMOs of the leading brand in the B2B and B2C industries are ready to bet on the benefits AR can bring to their marketing mix.

Here we listed the 4 ways brands are using AR to improve their marketing mix performances. Enjoy!

When you’re a CMOs, you know that customers want to know everything about your product within the shortest time possible.

What’s better than actually show them what you have to offer instead of merely telling them?

With Augmented Reality, your customers can experience your product in real life, exploring all the features while having fun and growing a better impression of your brand.

At Aryel, we believe in the power of numbers. With an impressive 35% of customers who claim that AR would increase how much they shop online (source:eCom Dash), it’s easy to see why CMOs worldwide value this technology so much in their marketing mix.

Thanks to Augmented Reality campaigns (such as the ones you can create on a platform like Aryel), you can finally offer your online customers a better shopping experience, allowing them to see your products and even try them on from home.

Nowadays, standing out with ads can be challenging: customers and potential buyers are literally spammed with advertising all day long, and it doesn’t surprise that their attention is at an all-time low.

However, Augmented Reality is here to change the game, seeing a 30% greater engagement rate.

Moreover, platforms like Aryel can provide reports and analytics to enhance performances and boost sales.

With higher engagement rates and the opportunity to grow a deeper relationship with customers and potential buyers, brands who integrated AR in their marketing mix can definitely see an increase in their brand awareness.

By offering them Augmented Reality experiences, your target audience perceives your brand as more innovative and up to date.

From these simple four examples, it’s clear that Augmented Reality is already changing the market and the world of communication and advertising out there.

With the more prominent brands becoming stronger and even more dominating, SMEs need to boost their marketing strategies and jump on the Augmented Reality bandwagon to profit from this technology’s perks.

This added value should not be underestimated since it leads to customers’ willingness to pay more for their products and services and improve their general satisfaction.