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5 ways to get the most out of a WebAR project with Aryel

May 27, 2022

iPhone tablet icons webAR project with Aryel augmented reality

Investing in a WebAR project can be an amazing way to boost brand awareness, sales, and ROI and to perform an effective lead generation strategy.

However, there are some tricks on how to create and share a WebAR campaign that performs and brings results. From finding the most suitable campaign type based on your needs, to having cool 3D models, here are all the best tips to get the most out of your WebAR campaign.

Set your WebAR campaign goal

The first thing is, of course, to have a clear goal in mind; at Aryel we always encourage to keep an AOAR approach and to use WebAR throughout the funnel to get the best results. This means you have to integrate WebAR into your whole marketing strategy and use it in different ways according to your objectives.

For example, a Gamification experience shared on social media is amazing for lead generation and brand awareness, while a Product Visualization campaign integrated into your e-commerce is the perfect way to convert users and encourage sales.

For example some interesting goals in terms of Marketing, for which WebAR demonstrated being efficient, might be:

  • CRO
  • Drive to store
  • Giveaways & Contest
  • Lead generation
  • Off- to online

Find the best campaign type

There is more than just one campaign type when it comes to WebAR; Aryel, for instance, supports many different ones, from Image Tracking and Face Recognition, to Surface Tracking, and Geolocation.

Aryel Select Campaign Type

Every campaign type is suitable for different goals; find the one that suits yours best! Also, some campaigns, such as Image Tracking or Marker Based are perfect to bring users from off- to online, augmenting packaging, printed media, and so on.

Choose your assets

WebAR is not only about 3D models; of course, they’re super cool, but AR can be used as a medium to reuse content such as videos, images, and even audio tracks in AR.

If you’re going for 3D models, it is very important to optimize them for the campaign; if they’re too complex or heavy they might compromise the user’s experience. Here we shared a nice list of our best practices.

Also, why not make everything cooler with digital avatars? On Aryel’s dashboard, we integrated the ReadyPlayerMe builder to create your digital self in a snap, using a selfie!

Add a CTA or embed it in a website

One of the coolest things about WebAR campaigns is that they work with a simple link, directly in the browser. You can easily add a CTA into the campaign to bring users to your e-commerce or to a landing page, or even a lead generation form.

Also, you can easily embed a surface experience into any existing website, to offer a more immersive and complete experience; here’s a simple guide on how to do it.

Keep an eye on the insights

Last but not least, let’s keep in mind that Aryel is a marketing platform; one of the most important steps is in fact the analytics check.

On a dedicated dashboard, Aryel provides analytics and insights about campaigns’ performances, and this is crucial to keep improving campaigns and marketing efforts and make future campaigns even more effective.


Using WebAR to attract and engage with new users and convert them, boosting sales and ROI is indeed an incredibly effective way to improve your marketing strategy. 

Following these simple tips and tricks, you can improve your WebAR project and – depending on your needs – reach your goal in the blink of an eye!