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Improving B2B sales: AR dynamic presentations

September 11, 2020

Aryel for B2B presentations

In the B2B field, flyers, brochures, and Powerpoint presentations are still a considerable part of the sales process when introducing the products or services to potential buyers.

But how to stand out in a market that is more and more competitive and crowded and successfully present a brand engaging the right audience and finalizing sales?

Think about fairs: of course, these scenarios are a huge opportunity to meet potentially interested buyers and are a considerable effort in terms of costs.

Furthermore, what about online events and presentations? In these times, in which digital experiences are taking over the physical ones, more and more events occur online. It can be hard to exploit the potential of products without investing in a significant budget.

Here’s where AR comes to the field: thanks to its technology, Augmented Reality helps to bridge the gap between online and offline, improving B2B sales and revenues and being a helpful tool for marketers.

Here’s how it works; when presenting, one of the biggest struggles is to engage the audience, keeping them interested to the point they want to know more, and maybe even invest in the project or buy the products.

During online presentations or in crowded events such as fairs or summits, this is even harder: but what if a simple tool could help brands creating dynamic sales presentation material that boost sales?

First, let the data speak for themselves: according to this stat70% of B2B buyers and researchers watch videos throughout their path to purchase. Almost half of them are Millennials, looking for innovative experiences during the decisional process.

Thanks to AR technology, brands can improve their sales performances, becoming more engaging and providing their target a more accurate walkthrough of what they offer — an AR Powerpoint presentation, for instance, can include a custom video in which the CEO introduces the brand or a 3D model audience can interact with.

Platforms like Aryel quickly help businesses winning at this process, integrating any content, such as videos, audios, or even 3D models, in their B2B slide show.

With such a powerful tool, salespeople can improve their performances, bring slides to life, and transform boring charts into animated videos that perfectly show growth forecasts or insights. All of this is thanks to WebAR technology, which doesn’t require any app to download.

The potential is terrific: allowing potential buyers to see a 3D interactive model in the real space around them not only secures their trust but adds the emotional factor to the sales experience, and last but not least, it can speed the sales up, showing customers exactly what they will get.