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Introducing WebAR Hand-Tracking on Aryel

January 28, 2022

two hands with blue lines Hand-Tracking pink background aryel augmented reality

As the phygital world is on the rise and the metaverse is gaining more ground, Aryel’s crew is excited to introduce you to our WebAR Hand-Tracking campaigns in beta.

With this exciting new entry into our powerful AR Marketing platform, our users will be able to create immersive virtual try-on experiences featuring hands and wrists, which are the perfect fit for jewelry and accessories, but also for technology and gamification experiences thanks to advanced gestures.


The feature is still in beta and will be available to our Agency Partners (want to know more about our Partner Program? Take a look here) and a selection of users who support Aryel from day 1 – however, if you want to try a preview of the feature, drop us a message here.

Thanks to the new Hand-Tracking campaigns, we expanded our offer, moving fast forward to even more immersive try-on experiences, which is something our users asked us many times in the past few months – mostly during our AppSumo experience.

Namely, this feature is the perfect fit for:

  •  jewellery and accessories virtual try-ons and product visualization
  • gamification experiences and interactive games
  • campaigns that feature hand gestures, i.e. for education

The feature will be released to all users soon and more sneak peek will be dropped on our social media in the upcoming weeks – so stay tuned to discover more and be among the first to try it as soon as it is released!

“We are hitting a great milestone for the WebAR industry, widening our offer and making our platform more performing. This is a truly impactful innovation for e-commerce since it makes virtual try-on even more immersive and versatile also for jewelry and accessories industries,” says Mattia Salvi, CEO at Aryel.