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Offer customers packaging 2.0 with Augmented Reality

August 17, 2021

AR Packaging 2.0 with Aryel

Augmented Reality technology has proven to be a game-changer for digital marketing and printed media and packaging. Many big brands are already exploiting the AR potential, bringing their packages to life from food and drinks to fashion and makeup.

With Augmented Reality, companies can add additional information to their products, highlighting essential safety information or instructions for use.

Also, they can make packages connected, sharing fun and engaging experiences, monitoring sales, and collecting insights about their customers. 

Of course, the primary constraint with AR has always been the implementation’s costs: creating custom AR experiences can be expensive, so it’s developing a native app to let users live the experience. 

However, thanks to WebAR, it is possible to share experiences via a simple URL. With Aryel, everyone can create their WebAR marketing campaign, bringing packages to life with an eye on the budget. Aryel platform allows users to create custom WebAR experiences in three easy steps, share them online with a URL and collect helpful information, enhancing ROI and boosting sales.

 Let’s now take a step back and take a look at AR for connected packaging again; as we said, thanks to platforms like Aryel, even SMEs, creative studios, and freelancers can quickly bring packages to life – but how to take advantage of this feature?

Why is packaging so important?

Packaging is the first step in building brand recognition. Creating a unique design, easily recognizable makes products easily identifiable and helps develop trust in customers. Packaging is also where brands place essential information and inform customers about special promotions, new products, or features.

However, there is a significant constraint for packaging, which is limited space: product packaging is too small for all this variety of marketing opportunities. 

That’s why AR is such a great opportunity for packaging design: it gives a new dimension that is virtually limitless, allowing to add a new range of media like videos, music, and interactive experiences. 

Advantages of Augmented Reality for packaging

Let’s take a look at all the benefits of implementing AR experiences on packaging design, but keep in mind that the sky’s the limit when it comes to Augmented Reality. There are always new ways to express creativity and create new marketing strategies to stand out from the competition and make your brand shine.

Virtual space for communication and information sharing

As we already said, AR for packaging is the perfect solution for the problem of limited space. WebAR content made with the Aryel platform can be triggered by a small QR code or even an image and can be experienced directly on the browser.

And what about the different kinds of content you can share? Here it’s where things become interesting: you can share a wide range of information or media in different languages and formats (i.e., videos, audio, or even game experience and treasure hunts).

Here is a small list, but as we said before, there’s no limit to what you can create with AR:

  • Nutrition information and recipes ideas – the perfect fit for the food industry
  • Company information
  • Event announcements
  • Environmental and sustainability considerations – prevalent for the fashion industry
  • Educational information
  • Trivia and fun experiences, such as games, social media filters, and so on
  • Customer care – a link to your customer service live chat, for instance

Your AR content can appear as rich in 3D graphics, animation, interactive flows, video, and sound effects as you want, and you can do this in a snap with our powerful drag&drop platform!

On the customers’ side, adding AR experiences to your products will make them associate your brand with an innovative approach to marketing and regard it as a source of fun and exciting phygital experiences.

Unique shopping experience flow

AR for packaging has an incredible benefit in the short term: it helps you immediately grab your customers’ attention.

Offering them rich experiences with cool animations and sound effects, and maybe even gamification assets enhance their interest in the products and increase their chances of making the sale. Also, studies show that people are more willing to buy from companies that keep enhancing their customer experience with fun, innovative experiences.

Integrating AR into your marketing mix and creating your connected packaging makes your brand perceived as innovative, increasing customer attraction. Make them eager to find out which kind of exciting experiences you’re creating from time to time or every time you release a new product on the market.

Customer engagement at its best

AR-connected packaging can be the starting point to offer exciting experiences such as, for example, AR-based mini-games, treasure hunts, social media filters, or fun trivia.

Thanks to gamification assets besides that “wow” effect, these kinds of AR experiences can encourage users to discover more about your brand and improve sales. For example, product packaging can contain codes that unlock unique experiences or even sneak peeks at new products or invitations to special events and discounts.

The perfect target for this kind of game-based AR marketing strategy is for sure kids and younger customers. Kids love playing games and will be amazed by virtual objects and games appearing when scanning cardboard packaging. However, studies have shown that game-based motivation increases user engagement by 48%, proving that kids and adults are both triggered by games.

Packaging design made budget-friendly and flexible.

Augmented Reality for packaging is not expensive, and the Aryel platform can even be free with our Starter plan. Furthermore, you do not need to completely redesign your packaging since you only need to add a QR code or an image that triggers the WebAR content.

Another of the great things about AR for packaging is the ease of update. Anytime you want to launch a particular campaign or promotion, you simply have to modify the AR content connected to that specific trigger. It’s as simple as that! 

The opportunities to launch viral campaigns are endless, from brand-specific events, such as anniversaries or new product launches, to national or global campaigns, such as sports events or holidays.

Viral marketing opportunities

Talking of viral marketing, AR for packaging is the perfect fit to drive sales and attract more customers. 

The importance of viral marketing is supported by rather extensive statistical data. Viral or word-of-mouth marketing can bring about twice as many sales as paid ads, with the retention rate 37% higher.

The unusual and innovative experiences that WebAR creates can become viral quite quickly, generating more sales for your brand. In addition, it can be a perfect way to attract and retain customers belonging to younger generations such as Millennials and Gen Z.

Considered the most economically active generation, Millennials, and Gen Z are pretty active in social networks. As a result, they can effectively promote your brand online, and AR content can encourage them to share user-generated content with their friends and followers.

A fit for every industry

From food & beverage to fashion and makeup, WebAR can be the perfect solution for different industries and packaging needs. 

Any packaging, such as cans, cardboard boxes, or bags, can be enriched with compelling AR content and a wide range of different experiences such as virtual try-on (very interesting for fashion and beauty products), product visualization (Aryel also supports Surface Recognition experiences) and much more.

The potential of connected packaging is not to be underestimated, and it’s not only about marketing. Thanks to AR, you can easily redirect customers to your website, enhance customer satisfaction strategies, provide safety information or even put customers in touch with customer service in a smoother way.

When it comes to packaging 2.0, WebAR is the direction many brands and companies are taking. Thanks to Aryel, this solution can be available even for SMEs, creative studios, and freelancers who want to innovate their products and services with an eye on the budget.