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Aryel x Ready Player Me: explore the Metaverse with your custom 3D avatar in WebAR

May 16, 2022

Avatar personalized aryel augmented reality

The Metaverse has been the talk of the town in the tech industry and beyond lately. Many brands are exploring the possibilities that come from a virtual world and even more are adopting new marketing strategies to engage with their audience, for example WebAR.

This new approach raised the need for many companies and users to create their own 3D avatars: from augmented business cards (you can create yours in a snap with our template!) to the Metaverse and even NFT, 3D custom avatars are a true necessity for many.

Template_Horizontal Avatar

To meet this need, Ready Player Me developed a platform where everyone – starting from a pic or a selfie – can create their own avatar and customize it according to their needs.

Now, on Aryel’s dashboard you can easily access Ready Player Me and create your custom avatar and add it on the campaigns made with the Aryel platform.