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Meet some brands that fell in love with Aryel!

Discover some of our customers' success stories and unique case studies in marketing, e-commerce, education, retail, and much more.

Valdo Spumanti

With Aryel, Valdo Spumanti launches a new series of innovative campaigns in WebAR to reach new audiences, increase engagement and sales

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MAXXI A[R]T WORK offers AR formats to augment the works of the museum and to imagine alternative experiences.

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Logo Milestone

Milestone Medical

Milestone Medical embraces WebAR to help sales agents provide interactive Virtual Product Demo to customers.

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Logo Nutella


Nutella chooses Aryel to launch a WOW-effect contest to showcase a limited-edition moka in an innovative way.

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Logo Vision Ottica


VisionOttica uses Aryel to exploit WebAR for Contest & Gamification and to merge the physical and the digital worlds.

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Logo Mielizia


Mielizia adopts pioneering WebAR marketing strategies for their packaging, to share engaging multimedia.

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Logo CEM Group

CEM Group

CEM Group uses Aryel to create WebAR experiences to showcase their fleet of trucks and forklifts at fairs and events.

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Logo Sentinel Diagnostics (1)

Sentinel Diagnostics

Sentinel Diagnostics uses Aryel to create engaging WebAR experiences to showcase products at fairs and events

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Logo Artrust


Artrust chose Aryel to create innovative WebAR experiences on the occasion of the Maroggia Triennial Exhibition.

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Onstream Gallery

OnStream gallery revamps the art market and offers artists and potential buyers a complete new experience.

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Discover how Zoptiks adopted Aryel platform to create stunning WebAR educational experiences for kids.

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Lavazza exploited Aryel's full potential, boosting sales and attracting a new generation of customers.

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Modern Showroom

Modern Showroom introduced AR in their commercial offer to organize interactive demos to customers.

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Andrea Baleri

Andrea Baleri uses WebAR technology to allow buyers to see the works contextualized in their homes.

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KPET is once again revolutionizing the pet care world, integrating AR into its marketing mix.

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Nodus Rug

Aryel​ begins 2021 by entering a niche market and bringing AR to ​Nodus Rug, an Italian luxury rug brand.

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