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Andrea Baleri uses Aryel to bring his works of art to life with benefits in terms of engagement and ROI

March 11, 2021

Aryel X Andrea Baleri

In the context of a low-touch economy such as the one we are experiencing, the art market encounters difficulties when potential buyers cannot see the work they intend to purchase in person. Transporting works of art also involves the risk of ruining them, and renderings made for clients are often expensive and laborious.

Aryel experience per Baleri

Andrea Baleri, an international artist, adopted Aryel and WebAR technology to allow potential buyers to see the works contextualized in their homes, directly on the screen of their smartphones.

“Art is a sector in which we see great potential, and it is a pleasure to be able to approach it together with Andrea Baleri,” explains Mattia Salvi, CEO of Aryel. “Thanks to this partnership, we can offer potential customers and art lovers a whole new way of experiencing works, with benefits both in terms of engagement and ROI as well as sales.

Thanks to Aryel, all you have to do is go to Andrea Baleri’s website and, inside each painting’s page, click the call-to-action “View in your space”. Augmented Reality allows you to see how the work would look directly on the walls of your home: a quick and immersive system, which does not require the download of any app.

“The partnership with Andrea Baleri brings Aryel into a new and fascinating world: we are sure that this is just the beginning of a long collaboration,” concludes Mattia.