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Andrea Crespi explores the potential of AR to revisit the art for MA*GA

July 18, 2022

Logo of Andrea Crespi artist aryel augmented reality

On the occasion of the ARCHIVIFUTURI Festival, artist Andrea Crespi created the installation ARchivi, exhibited at the MA*GA Museum of Contemporary Art in Gallarate. Installation in which he explores the potential of Augmented Reality to revisit the concept of traditional art practice “eliminating everything superfluous without taking away strength from its deeper meaning,” as Crespi explains.

A wooden easel supports a display on which visitors can experience the new digital art vanguards, the NFTs. The QR code becomes a symbol of the present time, while Augmented Reality, gives new creative stimuli: “From the COVIDpass to menus at restaurants, to tickets to travel or as a marketing tool: the QR code is a symbol of our time, of how through our smartphones we interact with the outside world; my task is not to judge but to be a witness of my time.”

The installation will be on view until Sept. 25 at the MA*GA, Museum of Modern Art. By framing the QR-code, visitors will be able to discover the digital AR work contained within, a work that will be updated every month for a total of four pieces celebrating four great artists of our time.

To create his work, Andrea Crespi chose the AR Marketing platform Aryel, which allows in just a few steps to enrich traditional works of art with digital content and assets, such as videos, 3D models, text, and music, making them interactive and engaging visitors in a completely new way, “not by creating a bridge between past and future, but by simply symbolizing the present,” as Crespi comments.

Andrea Crespi’s  art has found the support of the entire city of Gallarate. Mayor Andrea Cassani, comments “I am thrilled that Andrea Crespi was the first to bring an NFT work in augmented reality to MA*GA because this is his home and therefore I was particularly keen for this shining artist to lay the foundation stone of what for many will be the future of art. I have been appreciating Crespi’s work for a few years now, and while I do not have the skills to say whether or not he is the best contemporary artist, I can certainly say that he is among the greatest artists of the art of the future.”

The work, thanks also to AR technology, achieved a high engagement rate, with an average duration of more than 1 minute; as Davide Bettinelli, Project & Partnership Manager at Aryel, also explains, “augmented reality, in this specific case, becomes a real extension of the artistic experience, making the observer an activator of the artwork. By framing the installation, he can, in fact, place the work in AR and then explore it in all its facets.”