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CEM Group offers 3D immersive showcase of their range of vehicles with the Aryel platform

November 12, 2021

ARYEL partnership CEM

CEM Group participated at GIS Expo 2021, the most important exhibition of lifting, handling, and exceptional transport, offering attendees and potential customers the opportunity to explore their catalog in AR, creating a deeper cognitive impact on the vehicle.

AR experience CEM

Through Augmented Reality powered by Aryel, by clicking on a simple URL users see vehicles in real life and the company can improve brand awareness, customer engagement and collect reports and insights about users demographics and preferences.

Users are brought into a privileged position, immersed in a 360° environment where they can see in AR, for example, the oversized ladder pack or the double basket lifting piston, while respecting the proportions and original components. Thanks to the development of 3D and its application in physical space, in fact, the experience becomes even more immersive and engaging.

The particular AR application recognizes the three-dimensionality of the surrounding environment by tracking in real-time. Virtual content appears to the visitor as “anchored” to real objects, contributing to the effectiveness, and immersiveness of the entire experience.

👉 Here you can find and try the WebAR experience.

Moreover, CEM Group, integrating WebAR into their printed media and marketing mix, can drastically cut the costs of logistics related to shipping machinery and vehicles around the world for fairs and events. This ultimately contributed to improving the organic traffic on the website by 600% and boosting sales up to 50%.

👉 Click here to read the press release in Italian.