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Dog Heroes enhances CRM with AR gamification to be shared via multiple channels

November 14, 2022

Dog Heroes

Dog Heroes used the Aryel Platform to create and share a personalized “Catch the Item” gamification  experience based on Face-Tracking for new and existing customers, to be shared via newsletter, thank-you notes, and social media, and directly integrated with the CRM of the brand.

Thanks to the Face-Tracking WebAR experience made with Aryel, users can unlock exclusive content and a storytelling experience that showcases Dog Heroes products and highlights the freshness of the product by “choosing” the ingredients for the dog’s food to win the game. Users can also access multiple experiences based on different recipes, making the experience more varied and engaging, and they can unlock a special discount if they win the game.

Dog Heroes

The experience has been shared on two main channels: the newsletter for the existing customer base and a QR code printed on the thank-you note customers receive with the products. On top of this, the campaign has also been sponsored and shared on social media to attract the attention of new potential clients.

The goal was to optimize lead generation and nurturing, engaging users with an immersive and fun AR experience and encouraging first time purchases on the new user base and cross selling on the existing customer base.

Results confirmed the success of the operation: Dog Heroes collected more than 500 new leads in the first few days, with a 30% funnel conversion rate.

You can try the experience here!