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With Aryel Jusan network achieves a new milestone, offering WebAR to its clients

May 15, 2021

Jusan Network, the Italian leading company in the e-commerce world, chooses Aryel to integrate Augmented Reality into their services’ portfolio, with the aim to offer new services to their clients and attract new customers.

With 51% of customers that feel retailers are failing to take full advantage of AR on their online shopping platforms, and 70% expected to be more loyal to brands incorporating AR as part of their shopping experience, it’s easy to understand why the next frontier of online shopping is Augmented Reality for e-commerces.

“We are glad that Jusan saw the value AR can bring to customer journeys online when integrated into e-commerce platforms. WebAR shopping experiences are the perfect way to attract younger generations like Gen Z and Millennials and reduce the risk of refunds and returns” states Mattia Salvi, Aryel’s CEO.

Thanks to the Aryel platform, Jusan Network can now offer its clients immersive e-commerce platforms, that feature WebAR experiences and transform the way users shop online for good, boosting sales and ROI and improving the performance day by day thanks to data and insights Aryel provides.

Take a look at Mattia Salvi’s interview on YouTube, to get to know more about this successful customer story.

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