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KPET integrates Aryel’s WebAR into the pet care world offering users the best services on the market

February 4, 2021

Aryel X KPET

KPET is once again revolutionizing the pet care world, integrating Augmented Reality into its marketing mix, thanks to its partnership with Aryel, to offer its customers and partners an even more immersive and engaging service.

Thanks to WebAR, KPET will optimize and differentiate its marketing campaigns, enhancing its communication and the partners’ one, becoming even more efficient and immediate.

“We are entering a niche sector with great potential, which is petcare,” explains Mattia Salvi, CEO of Aryel. “Thanks to this partnership, we can bring a completely new approach to KPET’s communication strategies, with a huge advantage in terms of engagement and ROI for them and their partners.”

KPET wants to be synonymous with innovation, for all animal lovers and the best professionals in the field,” says Luca Freschi, CEO of KPET. “We have chosen Aryel to take a further step forward, being the first to integrate augmented reality into the Pet industry, for the benefit of our users and the professionals who use the platform.”

In addition to the benefits from the engagement point of view, Aryel will be a powerful tool to enhance KPET’s service quality and guarantee users the best services available on the market.