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Lavazza unlocks new business value by integrating Aryel’s WebAR into its marketing mix

June 10, 2021

Aryel x Lavazza - Customer story

With the aim to redesign the customer experience journey of their products portfolio, the Lavazza’s team landed on Aryel, where they found an easy “do it yourself” platform that quickly helps them iterate prototype of experiences before launching on the market with a huge saving of time and money in developing and deploying.

On top, Aryel supported Lavazza with a 360° service delivering training about the technology, strategy workshops to encourage idea generation of new AR experiences and content creation for the first prototypes. 

“Thanks to the Face Recognition feature supported by Aryel, Lavazza engaged with younger generations on the social network, raising awareness about their effort toward the environment and attracting the younger generations as well as new potential customers,” explains Mattia Salvi, CEO of Aryel. “Also, thanks to WebAR, Lavazza can now improve its customer journey, allowing users to see its coffee machines in real-life context before buying, and even enhancing the prototyping processes and better understand how to satisfy the market’s needs during the design phase”