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Logotel improved AR skills by joining AR Strategy Workshop with Aryel

July 14, 2022

Black Logo of Logotel making together aryel augmented reality

In July, more than 40 designers from Logotel, the agency based in Milan, Paris, and Madrid, attended the AR Strategic Workshop by Aryel to learn how to design Augmented Reality experiences from A to Z.

The workshop, held by Aryel’s CEO Mattia Salvi and Aryel’s Customer Education Specialist, Andrea Neri, began with an in-depth theoretical explanation of AR and its applications. Here started the interactive part of the workshop in which the participants had to develop a possible AR solution for their target industry.

As a result, many valuable ideas emerged, and thanks to the workshop, Logotel designers can now prototype all of them. The session ended, in fact, with a tutorial about Aryel’s platform, showing how those solutions and projects can easily be made in just a few clicks and shared off- and online with a simple link.

«We see an incredible potential in these workshops and masterclasses, and they’re going to be an important part of our growth plan in the upcoming months,» explains Salvi. «We already launched the AR Marketing School online, with webinars, workshops, and tutorials. We’re looking to improve these activities both off- and online with more valuable masterclasses and courses about AR Marketing, Content Creation, and Strategical Thinking. We aim to offer marketers, freelancers, and enterprises more tools to create and share their AR campaigns and get the most out of Aryel».

The plan also includes exclusive webinars dedicated to all the agencies joining the Partner Program, and more events will be announced soon.