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MAXXI A[R]T WORK uses Aryel to enable 100+ students to unleash creativity by prototyping augmented reality artworks

April 19, 2022

MAXXI blue art work aryel augmented reality

MAXXI A[R]T WORK is the school-to-work alternation program of the MAXXI, the National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, that aims to involve and guide students in a project that is not only formative but also experiential, leading students to enter the world of communication in the role of journalists called upon to write presentations, reviews, interviews and fact sheets dedicated to the exhibitions of the museums of Rome and Lazio.

From January 17 to 21, 2022 ISIA Roma Design collaborated with MAXXI A[R]T WORK to give life to one of the workshops of the fourth edition of the Roma Design Experience. The format  includes a week of workshops in which students, teachers, professional designers and specialized external consultants prepare a project brief proposed by institutions and organizations, public or private, of national and international importance.

ARYEL MAXXI experience

The objective of the workshop “The work beyond the work” aimed to offer Augmented Reality formats to “augment” the works of the museum, and to imagine alternative ways to trace the MAXXI A[R]T WORK experience, looking at it first of all through the eyes of the students. The challenge for was to conceive interactive solutions that could be easily implemented by students of high schools and technical and professional institutes. In particular, it was necessary to identify simple solutions, achievable with a short training phase and focused on the tools and the result to be obtained.

To create the AR prototypes, MAXXI used the Aryel platform, which allowed them to create WebAR engaging experiences that can be viewed from the mobile browsers, without the need to download a dedicated app, creating a project that is the starting point to get to know the “behind the scenes” of the museum and bring artworks to life.

Thanks to Aryel, explains a student involved in the project, it was possible to “[…] understand ways to get people interested in the world of cultural heritage, viewing it as an ever-expanding iter, movement and revolution; [Aryel is] a platform of knowledge, capable of developing new, cutting-edge ways to shape ideas. ”

You can read the original press release in Italian language here.