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Mielizia innovates food packaging with Aryel’s WebAR marketing platform

December 6, 2021

MIELIZIA honey yellow purple background pink aryel augmented reality

A significant step towards a unique and engaging shopping experience, to offer detailed content on the supply chain, beekeepers, honey, but also curiosities about the world of bees: Mielizia announces the launch of a new marketing strategy, which will project into the future of digital marketing their packaging, thanks to the integration of  Aryel’s WebAR, an innovative solution to share engaging AR content via the web.

Mielizia WebAR

Users will interact with the Mielizia 3D mascot bee that will take flight on the screen; thanks to Aryel’s WebAR, real immersive storytelling of the brand will begin. From there, through a simple and intuitive menu viewable by swipe up, users can then access engaging multimedia and interactive content, learning about the history and supply chain of the products through motion graphic videos, valuable insights into the varieties of honey supported by intuitive infographics, and following the path of the jar of honey by simply entering the lot code and discovering video-recipes.

«The innovative digital project made in partnership with Aryel was developed in collaboration with Ribo Beyond Expectations of Bergamo, which supported us from a strategic, technical, and content creation point of view,» explains Laura Betti, Brand Manager Mielizia. «We are proud pioneers of WebAR packaging in our industry, and we believe this is the future of digital marketing; it helps us engage with our customers and understand their tastes and needs, giving us the possibility to intercept the kids’ target in an edutainment way.»