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Milestone Medical to offer Virtual Product Demo in AR with Aryel

March 23, 2022

AR healthcare mileston helping patients aryel augmented reality

Milestone Medical, world leader in providing medical systems and equipment to help pathologists with technology for same-day diagnostic results, integrates AR to their Sales & Marketing Mix, boosting sales with Virtual Demos by enhancing both off- and online touch points.

Their business model relies on agents and distributors that showcase medical equipment and until now, their boundary has been not being able to transport expensive and fragile products to clients who had to rely on printed brochures and video only.

Aryel x Milestone Medical

Thanks to Aryel’s WebAR, Milestone Medical can now offer potential customers immersive and interactive Virtual Product Demos that show the equipment in life-size and exploit their value without any costs for transport or damages’ risks, on all the touch points, off- and online.

Offline touch points:

  • sales on-site: helping sales agent performing Virtual Demos that convert, showcasing products without having to bring them to the client
  • fairs and events: enriching catalogues, flyers and booths offering offline Product Visualization experiences that convert and help standing from the crowd, while collecting insights about visitors and cutting costs of transport

Online touch points:

  • website: embedding 3D models directly on product pages and offering Product Visualization experiences in WebAR
  • newsletter: sharing interactive content on the occasion of new products’ releases
  • social media: enriching the editorial calendar with engaging content, such as Product Visualization

With WebAR, sales agents and distributors can perform interactive Virtual Demos to showcase the value of products without bringing them on-site and they can help potential customers understand how much space products occupies in a lab thanks to 1:1 3D models, that give precise awareness of space management.