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Modern Showroom disrupts Fashion Retail by integrating Aryel’s WebAR into their offer

April 20, 2021

Aryel x Modern Showroom

In the context of a low-touch economy and a difficult period for the fashion world as the current one, it becomes challenging to show the new collections to potential customers.

Modern Showroom introduced Augmented Reality in their commercial offer to organize interactive demos to customers, without necessarily having to have all the physical products available and without the cost of transport and shipping.

The fashion industry is one of those most affected by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. From the cancellation of fashion shows and presentations of new collections – often organized behind closed doors – to the drastic drop in sales experienced by both fast fashion and high fashion brands and the consequent closure of many stores, the fashion industry is experiencing a complex scenario, which nevertheless offers the possibility to rethink specific dynamics and implement improvements.

The most drastic change has undoubtedly been the shift of sales to online channels. This rapid switch has meant that many brands have created their e-commerce, with difficulties both from an economic point of view and user experience, which often finds it complicated to buy clothing online.

This is true both for the final consumer and for the owners of stores and boutiques, for whom it has become much more complex to see the collections before deciding whether and what to buy for their customers.

For this reason, they decided to offer an AR service to meet the needs of customers and facilitate the transition from a traditional form of business to a more modern and digitized one.

Thanks to the partnership with Aryel, Modern Showroom expects to reach more easily the stores and boutiques that want to propose to their customers the partner brands of the showroom, showing them the collections down to the smallest detail even remotely.

All they need is a smartphone or a tablet to activate the AR experience and see the 3D models of the collections in the store, thanks to their device’s camera function. The service does not require downloading apps or having any special technical skills.

The fashion industry is changing. Showrooms are changing with it: they see this challenge as an incentive to change for the better, strengthen sales strategies, renew the marketing mix, and offer brand partners and customers an even more accurate and reliable 360° service.