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Nove25 exploits Aryel’s technology potential for their eCommerce with 3D Product Visualization

October 28, 2022

Nove 25 Cover Customer Story with earring

Nove25 has integrated Aryel technology into their eCommerce to leverage Product Visualization, allowing users to explore products better without needing to be in-store.

Being jewelry, a very personal and intimate purchase, where contact with the product is crucial, Nove25 unlocked a new level of product exploration even online for their users. Potential customers can now take time to see products in a ”like in real life” 3d view, exploring all the details that make jewelry unique: this brings huge benefits in the buying experience, avoiding all the frictions of online buying. 

NOve"% website with 3D embedding

These technologies have strong appeal to Millennials and Gen Z, demographics raised with the internet and social media. Their spending power is estimated at $143 billion, and they already account for 40% of global consumers. Plus, the savings of using 3D are tangible. Reports states that consumers prefer 3D to other assets like video or photos, with 40% saying they are willing to pay more for a product that can be previewed with 3D.

To do so, Nove25 directly exploited the 3D models embedding on their eCommerce. Each product page now contains a gallery with 360° explorable and interactable products to boost the Nove25 brand in the Italian jewelry market.

Plus, the feature is also useful for in-store experiences, when a product is not available: Nove25 staff can use this viewer to showcase products to customer and encourage them to complete the purchase online.

In the future, Nove25 is expecting to exploit WebAR’s full potential and apply the technology again to their marketing mix and funnel, integrating more dynamics of Aryel’s WebAR with engaging Virtual Try-on experiences and more immersive Product Visualization campaigns.

While adopting Aryel technology provides a new engaging, fun customer experience and enhances loyalty and brand awareness, on the brand side, it helps increase the CRO and boost sales.