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Nutella has chosen Aryel to showcase limited-edition moka with Bialetti

February 9, 2022

Nutella pink background aryel augmented reality

Nutella, one of the most successful Ferrero spa brands worldwide, used Aryel’s technology to convey an engaging WebAR experience on the occasion of the launch of a limited edition moka, in partnership with Bialetti.

To launch the product, Nutella shared a contest to win the iconic coffee maker, offering the opportunity to see the product in AR, directly from the screen of the smartphone, without having to download any app.

Aryel x Nutella: case study

In addition to this contest, Nutella also launched a dedicated landing page and another initiative on its social media channels, encouraging users to try the experience and take screenshots of the moka 3D models in the surrounding environment, to increase the chances to win it.

The project has been developed in collaboration with Aryel and Tandù; the web agency – that joined Aryel Partner Program – gave support from a strategic and technical point of view. The goal is to improve engagement, increase contest participantsrates and reach new customers and users, all while showcasing the product in an innovative way that provides the WOW-effect.