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Onstream Gallery gives Art market a new 360° approach thanks to Aryel and WebAR

June 25, 2021

Aryel x Onstream Gallery

Onstream Gallery is neither a marketplace of artworks, nor a gallery, but it is a digital place where people can visit an art exhibition just like in a museum, and an online space where they can buy newly discovered artworks.

To allow art lovers to discover emerging artists, and buy unique pieces without even leaving home, Onstream Gallery integrated Aryel and WebAR into its marketing mix and, thanks to WebAR experiences realized in agility with the Aryel platform, the curator of the gallery can offer potential customers and artists a new approach to the art market, showcasing AR as a new medium for the field.

The gallery used Aryel platform for three different use cases, involving both the customers’ side and the artists’ one, transforming the way we approach the art market and exhibitions.

From the customers’ point of view, Onstream Gallery created immersive AR experiences for the e-commerce, which allows potential buyers to literally place the works on the walls of their home to find the one that best suits their space and personal taste, without the risk of returns or unsatisfied customers.

On the artists’ side, AR really becomes a powerful tool to enrich artworks adding a digital layer and bringing them to life or unlocking exclusive content. Also, it is possible to create exhibitions entirely in AR, simply giving a QR code to the audience, who can then experience the exposition from their devices.

Thanks to Aryel it is possible to go to the Onstream Gallery website and scan the marker next to each painting with the camera of the smartphone, to see how the work would look in a room, or scan the artwork to bring it to life: an engaging and immersive system, which does not require the download of any app, nor any special technical skills to be developed.