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Here’s how Pit’sa ramped up lead generation and awareness with the AR Quiz campaign

January 5, 2023

Pit’sa, a new pizzeria in Bergamo, Italy, is on a mission to revolutionize the way people think about pizza. With ultra-light doughs, wholesome ingredients, and creative toppings, Pit’sa is bringing something truly unique to the table. But as a new franchise, Pit’sa faced the challenge of getting their name out there and bringing customers through the door.

To help achieve this goal, they partnered with Aryel to develop an AR quiz that would allow potential customers to learn more about Pit’sa and have a bit of fun in the process. The quiz was designed to be simple and engaging, with questions that would help potential customers learn more about them and their unique approach to pizza-making.

To further drive lead generation and awareness, the quiz was distributed through a sponsored social media campaign, as well as being featured on the Pit’sa website and in newsletters sent to leads who had already expressed interest in the pizzeria.

To ensure that the quiz was a success, Aryel integrated the experience with Mailchimp CRM. This meant that at the end of the quiz, users would receive a discount coupon directly via email, encouraging them to visit the restaurant and try out the pizzeria’s offerings for themselves.

The results of the campaign were impressive, with the AR quiz leading to a significant increase in lead generation and awareness of Pit’sa. The integration with Mailchimp’s CRM also helped drive traffic to the restaurant, as users were strongly encouraged to redeem their discount coupons and try the pizzeria’s offerings.

Overall, the AR campaign has been a great hit for Pit’sa, helping them really stand out in a crowded market and win new customers through a fun and engaging experience.


You can try the experience here!