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Sentinel Diagnostics uses Aryel WebAR to enhance engagement and cutting costs at fairs

October 19, 2021

Aryel x Sentinel Diagnostics - Customer story

Sentinel Diagnostics adopted Aryel to convey engaging AR experiences for fairs and events worldwide. 

To avoid costs related to sending bulky machinery worldwide for fairs and conventions, and to minimize risks of shipping such expensive equipment,Sentinel Diagnostics, the first IVD manufacturer in Italy and among the biggest ones in Europe, decided to offer AR experiences during this kind of event.

«Thanks to AR, Sentinel Diagnostics allowed visitors and potential customers to virtually explore their range of products through a tablet and a QR code,» explains Mattia Salvi, CEO at Aryel. «They’re able to showcase machinery with 3D models and use AR powered by Aryel to convey engaging and immersive commercial demos abroad, without all the costs related to shipping such equipment overseas.»

Also, reports Aryel provided confirmed the success of the operation and the benefits Augmented Reality can bring to fairs and events; according to Sentinel Diagnostics insights, in fact, almost all users experienced the AR experience at least twice, with an average time spent by a single user of above 2 minutes.