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SoWhat boosted engagement creating AR omnichannel marketing strategies with Aryel

February 12, 2021

Aryel X SoWhat

With the industry of marketing and advertising moving faster day after day, web agencies and creative studios need to keep pace with this rushing ecosystem to keep attracting customers.

SoWhat is an agency specialized in marketing and communication for shopping centers that adopted Aryel to integrate augmented reality and expand their portfolio of services.

“With SoWhat, we explored the phygital dimension (from the mix of physical + digital) that is increasingly becoming the norm in marketing and we created campaigns dedicated to Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day to propose to their clients” states Mattia Salvi, Aryel CEO.

In particular, in order to combine the physical experience of the customer going to the mall with the digital experience on social networks, SoWhat and Aryel created a campaign with a QR code that, once framed, allowed the user to take a selfie with a WebAR filter and share it on their social profile, to then receive a prize – a mimosa, in the case of Women’s Day.

“The access point, in addition to the QR code, was also a simple link on the channels and on the mall’s website, which made it possible to share the experience even to those who hadn’t been to the gallery in person, perfectly combining the purely physical and real aspect with the purely virtual and digital one” continues Salvi, “This merge between physical and digital world is a crucial step for web agencies that want to create omnichannel marketing strategies and beat the competition.”

SoWhat’s customer, through this simple operation, created engagement with customers and collected demographic data and useful information on the habits of those who participated in the operation, with a view to better understanding its target audience and retargeting for future marketing campaigns.

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