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How Zoptiks created AR Field Trips loved by 1,000+ parents, teachers and organizations using Aryel

June 21, 2021

Aryel X Zoptiks

One of the areas that majorly underwent the impact of COVID-19 has been education: teachers, professors and trainers faced the struggles of conveying efficient remote learning worldwide, putting educational processes at the risk of being ineffective and not engaging.

Zoptiks adopted Aryel to create stunning, educational video journeys full of activities, popups and holograms, built to keep kids engaged and inspired.

We do believe WebAR can be a game-changer in the education field; it is a sector in which we see great potential, and it is great to be able to offer kids these opportunities to learn together with Zoptiks,” explains Mattia Salvi, CEO of Aryel. “Thanks to this partnership, we can offer students and pupils easy and affordable virtual field trips, encouraging curiosity and boosting serotonin and sparking the imagination of children.

The most drastic change has undoubtedly been the shift of sales to online channels. This rapid switch has meant that many brands have created their e-commerce, with difficulties both from an economic point of view and user experience, which often finds it complicated to buy clothing online.

Thanks to Aryel, teachers, caregivers, hospitals and professionals who work with kids simply have to visit Zoptiks website and choose the trip they like the most to transform the room with immersive experiences that blow minds. A quick and immersive system, which does not require the download of any app nor extra gear.

“Aryel’s CEO, Mattia Salvi, provided excellent customer support and he’s hungry for growth.
Aryel platform is solid and offers features that no one else on the market will offer.” states Hari Kunduru, founder at Zoptiks.

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