Reports & Analytics

Close the gap between off- and online

Finally, get ROI and metrics even from offline communication! Track your audience and get ready to reach for the sky.

Marketing full potential: unlocked

Understand your audience

Get ready to know your customers, from what time they’re interacting with your campaigns, to which content they like the most.

Measure ROI

Compare your campaigns and marketing channels and get complete oversight on your business.

Learn what works best

Run A/B tests comparing different assets and CTA. Improving your marketing strategy has never been easier!

Get the most out of data

Data is one of the most valuable things for your business: Aryel lets you collect analytics and insights even from good old offline content. Impressive, isn’t it?

Users, views and scans
Discover how many times your campaigns have been viewed and your markers scanned: what is the scene type your audience loves the most? Aryel can tell!
Devices & operating systems
Get to know which are the most popular devices your target love and detect the most common operating systems. Android or iOS? Take up the challenge!
Where are your users from? How old are they? Get to know them and shape your communication on their interests and habits.
Goals & conversions
Whether you need to sell your product or boost a CTA, you can always check how your campaigns are performing and whether they help you reach your goals.

Real-time analytics and insights at your fingertips

Venture out into space, Aryel’s got your back: feel free to explore new ways to communicate, knowing you’ll always get the insights you need to improve your strategy.

Want to learn more what you can do with reports and analytics? We’ve got you covered.

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