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Aryel & Teads: a powerhouse partnership for bringing 3D/AR in Advertising

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The beginning of a new chapter in teaching

Studying doesn’t have to be a drag. Improve your education techniques by integrating AR content with them.

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An AR experience of an euchariotic cell

Make smartphones your allies

Can’t keep students away from smartphones? Grab and hold your students’ attention longer, with AR. Scrolling during class will become a far cry.

Gamify teaching and challenge students

Challenge-based gamification in education leads to an 34% increase in students performance. Pick from tons of templates, and start achieving that boost.

Gamify teaching and challenge students
Increase memory retention, with quizzes

Explore endless new applications

From history to chemistry lessons, every educational topic is covered. Easily increase the memory retention of your classes, with AR.

Unleashing students’ creativity

Challenge your students to create AR experiences that explain the topics covered in class. Stimulate creativity and increase recall while having fun.

Two children in of an AR experience on a school book

Jet set gowith Aryel

Unleash your marketing creativity and launch augmented reality campaigns that blow minds since day one.

EducationTemplatesfor anything

Browse dozens of free and customizable templates to get your next AR project off the ground.

Product Visualization

Virtual Try-On

Interactive Print


Treasure Hunts

Data Visualization

Quizzes & Surveys


Landing Pages

Filters & Effects

3D Avatars

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