Interactive packaging? Yes, please!

Your products are unique, they deserve to stand out! Transform old-school packaging into a new interactive experience for your customers.


Give your packaging an extra boost

100% Transparency

Let your customers know more about your products giving them more information, without any space limits.

Get offline ROI

Offline media’s blind spot was lack of insights: Aryel provides analytics even from flyers, posters and so on.

Enriched experience

Make catalogues more appealing, enriching them with videos, music and interactive experiences.

Think outside the box, literally!

Fun or product insights: the choice is in your hands! Let your customers experience a video about how your product is made or let them have fun with an interactive game.

Your brand, your story: share what’s important

Improve your brand transparency, giving more detailed information about your products, and sharing what really matters. Let people know your story, simply scanning the packaging.

Stand out from competitors and conquer the market

Sometimes being unique and creative with packaging can be challenging! Give yours an extra kick, enriching them with Augmented Reality and proving that your brand is one of a kind.


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Interactive Learning

Business Cards

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