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Aryel 101: a brief introduction to our powerful AR Marketing platform

Augmented Reality is kinda cool but at the end of the day is just a magic trick that only big corporates can afford, right? Wrong! In this article, we answer a simple yet critical question: why Aryel and why you should definitely integrate it into your marketing mix.

Aryel allows you to launch webAR experiences in just 3 clicks: no code, no apps, easy peasy. This means your final user will just enter a link their camera will open up in their browser and a digital asset will appear perfectly merged in the environment their camera is framing.

You just have to pick a campaign type, upload your images, video, audio, or 3D objects and you’re pretty much done!

As we log in to our platform we can launch our first campaign. Every experience we create in the same campaign will be accessed through the same URL (via QR code or from a link on a web page).

There are 5 different types of campaigns we can launch and the difference lies in what will trigger our experience. This means that the 3d object or digital asset, in general, will only appear when the camera points to that specific trigger –  also you can choose between Random and Sequential flows, to let users freely navigating your scenes in the order they prefer, or to create a story, and make them follow a specific path (more information here).

  • In marker and image campaigns, we will use trigger pictures, logos, icons etc.. If you want to create an augmented catalog or maybe an augmented menu or packaging, that’s the campaign you’re looking for!
  • A surface campaign will place the object on any either flat or upright surface found in your environment. People are shopping in your eCommerce and they want to see what that products actually looks like? That’s what you go for! Also, you can quickly integrate Surface-Tracking campaigns on your website with template previews, campaign links, and customizations.
  • Geolocation means that the trigger will be the coordinates given by your mobile GPS system. And that is the perfect campaign to organize phygital events, treasure hunts, across-the-city museums, and so on. 
  • Face-triggered AR experiences are probably those we are the most familiar with. Snapchat & Instagram filters, that kind of thing! But keep in mind, it’s webAR we’re talking about people won’t have to download any app to use them!

Before we move on: it’s important to also understand what Aryel does not do. You don’t create, convert or edit your 3d objects in Aryel. You’ll have to upload your files ready as they are. Don’t have any? Not a problem: there are over 30k ready-to-use models perfect if you’re starting from scratch or if you’re using one of our templates.

Yes because if you still don’t know where to start, check out our templates! They are divided into industry and use cases, you can use one of those or just have a tour to look for inspiration.

But what actually makes Aryel unique it’s the report section, where you can find useful insights and analytics. Track how users are finding the experience, interaction time what countries they’re from, and a lot of other actionable information. You’ll be able to track  their behavior for a successful retargeting campaign


Yes because AR is not just about the wow effect. And that’s why Aryel pushes for an AR always-on approach. And by this, we mean that AR can successfully impact each and every step of our customer journey: from awareness & research all the way down to retention & advocacy.

To find tutorials, inspirations, and customer stories, check our website. And if you want to see Aryel in action: go to the playground!

Activate your free platform today, and get ready to become an AR marketing expert!