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How to Embed 3D & WebAR Campaigns on Your Website

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Aryel Embed is the new system to quickly integrate Surface-Tracking campaigns on your website with template previews, campaign links, and customizations. ⚡️

👉 Please notice that this feature is still in Beta and for now it is available for Enterprise plans only.

To install the script, you need to insert a script in the <head> of the webpages where you want to insert the shortcode. More precisely, insert the shortcode in the <body> where you want to show the 3d model.

👉 Get shortcode ⌨️

Once you have published a surface campaign, you will see “Get Shortcode” from the Actions menu in the top right corner.

How to embed - Actions tab

👉Copy scripts 💾

Open the modal; here, it will be possible to retrieve the 2 snippets to insert in your site’s <head> and <body>.

How to embed - Get shortcode

💡 Please notice: If no API Key has been generated, it will be possible to generate it from the account management page (discover more about it here). Each account can have only one API Key.

💡 The API Key can be revoked at any time from your account control panel. In case it is revoked, all points where the Script tag was added must be updated.

👉 Paste the scripts in your pages 🖥

Here’s how the 2 snippets should be inserted.

How to embed - HTML

👉 Final result 🚀

Here below is an example of what it will look like. 👇

How to embed – example

With Aryel embed you can also customize Properties and Lights of the 3D model; to discover how to do so, take a look at our guide here.