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Getting Started with WebAR Surface-Tracking on Aryel

Getting Started with Surface Tracking

Do you know what makes AR experiences really cool and realistic? 3D models don’t simply levitate in space but stay anchored on a surface, like in real life. Gravity, you know.

In this article, we will have a step-by-step tutorial on starting with WebAR Surface-Tracking on Aryel in a snap. Are you ready?

Is creating AR Surface-Tracking campaigns easy?

Aryel is a one-of-a-kind AR marketing platform that features a drag and drop interface to quickly set up engaging AR campaigns in only a few easy steps.

You need no coding skills to create your first unique, 100% custom Surface-Tracking AR and experiences, share them online with a simple URL, boosting your performance using real-time insights and analytics, and understanding what works best with your audience.

Why should you bother adding Surface-Tracking to your marketing mix? Good question, let’s quickly analyze some good reasons.

First, it makes the whole experience way more realistic and engaging, and it’s easier for the user to really understand whether a product fits in a place or not.

Let’s take an example: you need to understand if a painting looks good in your living room. With Surface-Tracking, you can easily “stick” it on the wall and move your device to see it from different angles, without any fuss and giving a realistic feeling. It makes way more sense now.

This is also the perfect way to broaden your audience and reach user segments like Millennials and Gen Z, the perfect target for this kind of content.

All right, enough with the chit-chat, let’s see how to create your Surface-Tracking campaign with Aryel! 🚀

1. Set up your AR campaign name

First of all, create your campaign and choose a name.

Step 1: WebAR Surface Recognition

2. Select campaign type

Among all the campaign types, choose Surface.

As for now, Surface-Tracking doesn’t support multiple scenes, so you don’t have to choose between the flows as with others campaigns.

Step 2: WebAR Surface Recognition

3. Add your media

Upload the digital content you want to be shown inside the AR scene.

Step 3: WebAR Surface Recognition

At the time of this article, Aryel’s Surface-Tracking features 3D models and Button/CTA (Link, Email, Phone), but we’re working hard to offer you way more to create unique experiences that convert.

You can easily manage all your assets, uploading them to your media library at any moment or directly here when you create a new campaign. Also, Aryel has access to third-party libraries with over 10k AR-ready media assets.

Step 4: WebAR Surface Recognition

4. Manage your media properties

With Aryel, you have complete freedom: adjust and fix even the tiniest details of your media.

You can customize everything from position to size by clicking on the media and then on “Properties.”

Can you see the two options at the bottom left? There you can choose between Flat or Upright surfaces:

  • use Flat for furniture 3D models or products that need to stick on a flat area;
  • choose Upright for items that need to hang on a wall, like paintings, posters, and so on.

Step 5: WebAR Surface Recognition

Last but not least, do not forget to add a CTA: this step is even more important for experiences that are supposed to run on e-commerce. Thanks to the CTA button, you can get useful insights and analytics about your sales and boost your CTR.

Step 5b: WebAR Surface Recognition

5. Customize your experience

The last step before publishing is customization; Aryel supports white label, so you can 100% personalize your content.

Just access the Style tab and choose to add your brand assets, such as the logo, brand colors, and fonts. Also, you can change the Favicon, choose a custom launcher or add cool filters to the camera.

Step 5c: WebAR Surface Recognition

As a last touch, go to Settings and choose which features to enable: screenshots, how your URL will appear, opportunity to share the content… choice is in your hands!

Step 5c: WebAR Surface Recognition

6. Publish your campaign

Finally, it’s time to post your campaign online.

Step 5c: WebAR Surface Recognition

Set up your URL; you can always change it later in the “Settings” panel.

Share your campaign with your audience: they only need to tap (or click!) on the link on their browsers and enjoy!

And if you want to try our campaign, scan the QR code down below:

QR WebAR Surface Recognition

We hope this tutorial is helpful to become familiar with Aryel powerful AR marketing platform!