Beauty & Skincare

Revamp beauty brands and get polished up!

Let your customers try on your amazing makeup and skincare products and engage with them on a new level

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Does that shade fit my skintone?

Offer your customers the opportunity to virtually try-on your entire color palette with AR engaging experiences, powered by Aryel’s Face Recognition feature.

Virtual Try-Ons vs. traditional ones

In the low-touch economy, offering makeup and skincare try-on is hard: with AR users can easily try products at home and buy online without the risk of returns and refund.

Stand out from the competition out there

Even if you are a small brand, you can easily offer your customers a unique service to stand out from the others and attract younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z.

Are you ready to become viral online?

Create branded AR Face-Recognition experience and encourage users to share them on social media to create the most incredible marketing campaign with user-generated content ever!