Business Cards

Take your network to the next step

Are business cards out of date? No way! Let Aryel take care of your card and share all your information with future customers and potential business partners.

Business Cards

Your ID, right from the future


Choose which information you want to share, with no limits of space or expensive redesign every now and then.

Interactive features

Keep everything updated and integrate interactive features like charts, video and milestones.

100% customizable

Stand out with fully personalized business cards: renew your old school template with AR technology.

Get in touch, engage, seal the deal

Stats say, 88% of exchanged cards will be tossed within a week. But what if a business card is continuously updated with new features and contents? We bet they will keep it in a safe place.

Be green, there’s no need to reprint them!

We know, as soon as you print new cards something changes: no worries, with AR technology you can upgrade your business cards’ details as many times as you want.

It’s not a card, it’s an experience

Exchanging business cards could seem out of fashion, but what if you could exchange interactive and engaging experiences? Personal branding is a thing, Aryel knows.

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