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Aryel & Teads: a powerhouse partnership for bringing 3D/AR in Advertising

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Data Visualization

Experience the future of data storytelling

If your job is to extract actionable data, and have it easily understood, and remembered, you are in the right place. Leave the report deck in the drawer.


Memory recall

Versus traditional contents


User engagement

Versus traditional contents


Avg dwell time

Spent on augmented reality

Start telling an interactive, data-backed story

An interactivedata-backed story

Bring your data to life in an easy-to-understand way. Study and explain trends, patterns and relationships in your data, right in front of you, in the real world.

Get your data remembered, 8x longer

Whether you’re presenting to a small group or a large audience, AR data visualization enables you to make a lasting impression and effectively communicate your message.

With Aryel, you can easily track and report every experience performance
AR can enhance data visualization, offering a more engaging and insightful view of data

Easily understand and communicate complex data sets

Imagine being able to see your sales data displayed on a AR dashboard, or analyzing customer behavior through interactive charts and graphs. Possibilities are endless.

Jet set gowith Aryel

Unleash your marketing creativity and launch augmented reality campaigns that blow minds since day one.

Templatesfor anything

Browse dozens of free and customizable templates to get your next AR project off the ground.

Product Visualization

Virtual Try-On

Interactive Print


Treasure Hunts

Data Visualization

Quizzes & Surveys


Landing Pages

Filters & Effects

3D Avatars

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