Food & Beverage

The recipe for success using new ways of marketing

Make your customers literally eat with their eyes with mouth-watering AR experiences.

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Revamp your menu and bring delicacies to life

Offer your customers true-to-scale 3D visual representations of your food, promoting your cuisine while overcoming language barriers thanks to immersive experiences that involve five senses.

Packaging wine aryel augmented reality

Showcase food origin, improving safety

Inform customers about the making process of their drinks and dishes, giving them a better understanding of the food and the people behind it, while securing their trust.

Transform your staff training processes

Improve your staff training in serving food, improving accurate and consistent estimations about serving sizes, and without wasting food in the process.

Packaging hand screen sunflower yellow pancake aryel augmented reality

Product packaging for all ages and needs

Provide additional virtual information on top of physical labels to ensure your customer safety and make your packaging more attractive, engaging, and interactive for customers of all ages.

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