Interactive Learning

Learning techniques, with a twist

Studying doesn’t have to be boring, well not all the time! Enhance learning and make it more immersive, integrating Aryel’s AR technology in your printed material.

Interactive Learning

Bring the school up in space!

Game design, in real life

Giving an immersive learning experience, AR is proved to catch and keep the reader’s attention for a longer time.

Improve cognitive skills

AR interactive learning requires users participation: this enhances cognitive functions and memory.

Easily integrated

Most learning materials are printed manuals and flashcards, making it very easy to integrate AR technology into them.

Wear your spacesuit, immerse yourself in learning

Immersive learning contexts can increase information recall by up to 8.8%. The sooner you memorize the solar system, the sooner you can jump on our starship and explore the galaxies far far away!

Infinite learning contexts, at your pace

From universities and primary schools to driving schools and online classes, AR possible applications are endless! Choose the context, set your pace, and you’re ready to start!

Get better results at a lower cost

Integrating Augmented Reality in schools and institutions can help to significantly reduce costs since students experience AR from their own devices. Everyone’s happy!

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