Interactive packaging? Yes, please!

Transform old-school packaging into a safer and more interactive experience for your customers.

100% Transparency

Let your customers know more about your products, giving them more information without any space limits.

Get offline ROI

Offline media’s blind spot was lack of insights: Aryel provides analytics even from flyers, posters, and so on.

Enriched experience

Make catalogs more appealing, thanks to surface recognition, and enrich them with AR interactive experiences.

Think outside the box, for real

Add interactive games, educational videos, or essential highlights about your product with Augmented Reality: all your customers need to do is scan the packaging!

Packaging wine aryel augmented reality

Boost content marketing like a pro

Improve your brand’s storytelling, giving detailed information about your products, and sharing what matters. Let people know your story and your values!

Packaging hand screen sunflower yellow pancake aryel augmented reality

Stand out from your competitors

Give your packages an extra kick, enrich them with Augmented Reality, and prove that your brand is one of a kind, giving your customers an unforgettable experience.

A new medium for your advertising

Transform your product’s packagings into engaging ads, and give your marketing mix a new medium to exploit: are you ready to go viral and get that buzz around your brand?