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BeCharge find 8k new leads under the Christmas tree, thanks to Augmented Reality

Be Charge jingled all the way to success in this Holiday AR campaign, that lead to more than 8k new leads in less than 30 days.



Reedemed the promo coupon


Avg Dwell Time

Spent on Augmented Reality


Leads Generated

Thanks to AR experience

You know, Christmas it’s the most wonderful time of the year… unless you’re trying to come up with holiday marketing ideas. 

The festive season can be a stressful time for marketers. But BeCharge didn’t let that dampen their spirits: they used AR to add some festive sparkle to their campaign efforts. Let’s take a closer look at how they lit up the holiday season.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Unwrapping BeCharge’s quest for festive success
  • The brand’s victorious sleigh ride to win Christmas competition
  • How Augmented Reality added sparkle to BeCharge marketing campaign
  • Augmented Reality: joy to the world of CRM

Here’s Be Charge‘s goal

With the holiday season approaching, BeCharge faced a challenge common to many businesses: how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and connect with customers during a time of year that is already busy and overwhelming.

Be Charge was looking for a way to enhance their Christmas marketing campaign, with the goal of nurturing their existing customer base while expanding it with new leads.

What Aryel did to reach it

To achieve this, BeCharge created a DEM campaign that included a call-to-action leading to a landing page with information about the Christmas promotion. From here, users could start the immersive AR experience, where they were welcomed with a Christmas Gift Box branded with a discount code. 

The landing page provided all the details of the promotion and clear instructions on how to redeem the discount coupon in the app: in this way, BeCharge could capitalize on the traffic generated, gaining leads and nurture the existing ones with a special gift. The landing pages were available in Italian and English.

Here you can see the Be Charge experience.

BeCharge’s holiday campaign was a resounding success, delivering impressive results for the company. With an average experience duration of over 1.5 minutes, customers were fully engaged and interacting with the Augmented Reality experience: this led to a 37% redemption rate for the holiday promo, showing that customers were eager to take advantage of the special offer.

The campaign also had a significant impact on new users, with over 70% seeing and interacting with the holiday gift experience. By incorporating AR technology, the brand was able to create an immersive holiday promotion that stood out from the competition and made a lasting impression on their customers.

Augmented Reality: joy to the world of CRM

By harnessing the power of AR, BeCharge decked the halls of customer engagement, proving that when it comes to marketing, there’s no need to be a Scrooge.

Brands can create AR-powered quizzes to engage customers and gather valuable information about their preferences and interests. These quizzes not only provide entertainment but also help businesses tailor their marketing efforts to better target their audience (never heard of data-driven marketing?).

Another compelling use of AR technology is the integration of mini-games into marketing campaigns. Those initiatives can foster deeper customer engagement when compared to traditional marketing campaigns: after participating in a fun and immersive game, customers may be more willing to share their contact information or complete a call-to-action, such as making a purchase with a promo code or signing up for a newsletter.

The use of Augmented Reality in Customer Relationship Management can bring new levels of interactivity and engagement to the customer experience. But this technology isn’t just for the holidays, it’s a year-round game-changer, elevating CRM to new heights with visually stunning and personalized content. So, why not make your marketing efforts merry and bright?

Have an un-brr-lievable holiday season with our holly jolly templates on Aryel’s platform! Don’t let your creative spirit go cold, click here to deck the digital halls with our fabulous designs.