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Discover Aryel Immersive Rich Media 👉

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Your Passport to a New Way of Powerful Ads

Connect with travelers through eye-catching ads that advertise packages, bundles, last-minute deals than just your generic destination shot.

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Immersive Rich Media for Travel

Ad Creatives to Take Off

Upscale your campaigns with immersive advertising, thanks to pre-built formats, all you have to do is look out of the plane window and enjoy the journey.

A Campaign Manager for a Long-Haul Journey

Aryel offers purpose-built templates for all advertising objectives, empowering advertisers to craft and scale high-impact campaigns across full marketing funnel.

Aryel Ads Manager for Travel

Distributionat Our Core

Aryel’s media-agnostic distribution enable you to distribute your campaign everywhere, be it in programmatic or in reservation.

Aryel's Augmented Analytics for Travel

Quality Data to Chart Your Success

Get creative-level granular metrics that boost ad performance. Collect zero-party data, emotional state and facial feature reports, heatmaps and more.

Get the LatestInsights fromthe AR-World

Rumour has it you’re hungry fo knowledge. That’s why we keep you updated with all the juicy news about Augmented Reality.

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