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Discover Aryel Immersive Rich Media 👉

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Media Owners & Operators

Maximize your Ad Serving Potential with Aryel’s Immersive Rich Media

Revolutionize the way you’re monetizing the advertising space, with a groundbreaking solution that capture, captivate, and convert.

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Aryel 3D & Augmented Reality Creative Solutions for Marketing & Advertising

Unleash New Revenue Opportunities

Aryel propels you into a realm of untapped revenue potential. By offering captivating, immersive ad campaigns, you can boost the value of your advertising space.

Supercharge User Engagement

Let your customers be sure of what they are buying by showing your product in the real world, reducing the risk of returns and refunds, and gain their trust with a customer-centric approach.

Aryel Ads Manager

Distributionat Our Core

Manage and distribute top-notch ad creatives with ease, ensuring your network is always stocked with engaging, up-to-date offerings.

Reveal Data-Driven Keys to Success

Delve into user engagement, attention, and emotional resonance through the lens of advanced reports. Identify behavioral trends, setup your strategies on solid data, and propel your campaigns to new heights.

Aryel's Reports, KPIs & Analytics

Your Queries,Our Answers

Got questions? We’ve answered some of the most common ones below. But if there’s something else on your mind, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Can Aryel ads function on my website?


Absolutely! Aryel’s creatives utilize industry-standard ad tags, ensuring compatibility without the need for specialized integration or unique inventory. They function seamlessly on any publishing site that supports third-party tags. There’s no need for specific SDKs; publishers simply integrate our ad tag, and the advertisement will operate as intended. We accommodate both iframe and javascript frameworks.

Can you help me design an ad creative?


Certainly! We can guide you right from the ideation phase, helping pinpoint the ideal format and creative concept tailored to your objectives, all the way to its execution.

Do you offer insights on ad interactions?


Yees! Aryel provides detailed interaction data, readily available in our platform reports. Not only can you access traditional event metrics, but you can also delve into advanced analytics like 3D Heatmaps, Emotional State, and Facial Features Data.

Is Aryel compliant with GDPR?


Yes, Aryel adheres strictly to GDPR guidelines. We prioritize data protection, ensuring your personal data is safeguarded in line with GDPR standards. We are also ISO 27001 certified.