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From pixels to prizes: how Clementoni took the spotlight thanks to Aryel

Discover how Clementoni transformed their Spielwarenmesse 2023 Toy Fair presentation into a winning AR experience, thanks to Aryel.


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Remember when Buzz Lightyear crashed onto the scene and stole Woody’s spotlight?

Well, that’s the kind of storm Clementoni, Italy’s leading educational toy designer and manufacturer, was looking to create. On the brink of the 72nd edition of Spielwarenmesse 2023, the Nuremberg Toy Fair, they needed to make their product, “Stories of Life on Earth,” take flight and soar above the competition.

After all, in hyper competitive retail industries like toys, it’s all about going to infinity and beyond to make your mark.

What will you learn from this customer story:

  • Clementoni’s ambition to rule the Toy Kingdom
  • Aryel’s toy box tweak: turning Clementoni’s toy dreams into reality
  • A gleeful ending for a toy story: Clementoni’s outstanding success
  • Building blocks of success: the essential role of innovation in retail

Here’s Clementoni‘ goal

Let’s not kid around, the goal was clear. Clementoni realized a MetaToy marvel, combining the physical and digital realms in a way that would captivate kids and appeal to the adults holding the purse strings.

So, why risk failing to meet expectations by giving a boring presentation?
That’s why Clementoni approached Aryel to bring their vision to life through the power of Augmented Reality.

What Aryel did to reach it

Aryel went full-on mad scientist to augment Clementoni’s “Stories of Life on Earth” from an extraordinary toy into a box-sized kid magnet. By framing the game box, users were treated to a whole new world of fun and learning, with promotional content springing to life before their eyes.

With just a scan of their smartphone, kids and parents could take a peek of volcanic eruptions that would make even a T-Rex run for cover and video tutorials guided little botanists through the preparation and planting process. And who wouldn’t want to see 3D dinosaur models in virtual reality or discover the mysteries behind their extinction?

The result was an engaging, interactive, and functional presentation that took “playing with a box” to a whole new level.
You can take a peek of Clementoni’s presentation here.

But that’s not all. Cue the drumroll… Clementoni’s “Stories of Life on Earth” didn’t just stomp and roar at the 72nd Spielwarenmesse, it triumphed: they won the coveted ToyAward in the SchoolKids category, proving that when it comes to toys, AR can project them in the future.

A preview of the Clementoni's experience made by Aryel

Clementoni not only delivered a product that seamlessly blended the physical and digital worlds but also fired up the imaginations of children, allowing them to conduct hands-on experiments in botany, anatomy, paleontology and geology, all while having fun. Now that’s what we call a dino-mite result!

So, the next time you think of toys, remember Clementoni’s success – it’s not just child’s play. They combined technology and innovation to convey an engaging edutainment experience that convinced kids and parents (and the jury, of course).
Because let’s face it – in the competitive retail industries like toys, if you’re not the shiny new plaything, you might as well be a dust collector in the attic.

Building blocks of success: the essential role of innovation in retail

In the fast-paced world of retail, innovation isn’t just a fancy buzzword; it’s the lifeblood that keeps brands alive in the shark-infested waters of the market. So, you ask, what makes innovation the sturdy building block of success in retail? Let’s dive into the toy chest to find it out.

First up, we have rapidly changing consumer preferences. As new generations with different tastes and expectations step in the market, brands must evolve faster than a spinning top. By continuously innovating, you ensure your brand always hits the mark, delighting your target audience and staying ahead of the curve.

Next, we have technological advancements. Remember when the idea of talking toys was the stuff of science fiction? Well, welcome to the future, where AR and VR are reshaping the landscape of playtime. Harnessing these game-changing technologies allows brands to create immersive and interactive experiences that were once the stuff of futuristic cartoons. Staying atop these advancements lets you push the boundaries of what’s possible, making you the superhero of groundbreaking campaigns.

Then, there’s the quest for authenticity. Today’s consumers are not just savvy; they’re like super sleuths, well-informed, and craving authentic connections with the brands they support. Think of them as your loyal sidekicks in the story of your brand. Innovative content that tells a compelling story, or offers a unique perspective, can help forge a strong bond with your audience. This process establishes brand loyalty and trust faster than you can say “to infinity and beyond!”

Lastly, there’s the need for differentiation. In a world where brands are vying for consumer attention, being just another action figure in the toy box is a surefire recipe for gathering dust. Content innovation enables you to differentiate yourself from the crowd, carving out a distinct identity that sets your brand apart and keeps your audience coming back for more.

In conclusion, in the exciting, high-stakes world of retail, innovation is the only magic trick that keeps your brand from disappearing into the background. It’s the spark that ignites your brand’s success story, the twist that turns your toy into the talk of the town.

On the hunt for shiny new toys? You’re lucky – our sales would love to show you the most innovative applications of AR technology. Book a demo now and get ready to be amazed by the capabilities of the Aryel platform.